Winter, the season for
Provence Cyprus distillation

The Distillerie Duffez is working during the whole year.

The other distillery in Provence only work from june to august, and their activity is generaly dedicated to lavender and lavendin.

From october to march, we are working a lot to produce juniper cade and Provence Cyprus essential oils.

Cultivated on the fields of our distillery in a spirit of freshness, our organic cypress is a unique product on the market, stemming from the know-how and long history of our team.

Conventional cypress is distilled from branches of cypress hedges harvested in the region further to the countrysides of prunings. In past these branches were burnt in waste reception centers, blocking these installations and increasing CO2 emissions.

The use of these branches in the distillation offers them a second life, more in accordance with the environment.

Indeed their distillation has no impact on the nature, will allow to obtain an essential oil in the natural healing virtues, and their end of life will be environment-friendly because all these branches will decompose naturally to offer an ideal engrain to the domestic plants in the form of compost.

Essential oil of cypress presents ideal qualities for the people suffering from circulatory problems

We invite you to discover this essential oil !

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