Production of Provence Cyprus essential oil

When winter comes… Provence Cypress distillation goes on ! 

Provence Cypress  essential oil is produced during the winter season.

This tree can measure dozens meters high. It is a part of the Mediterranean landscapes. We see long cypress hedges in Provence generally, and in the valley of the Rhône in particular. These trees are there to protect the cultures of the strong  wind called “Mistral” which blows in this part of France.

But if these trees are very useful to protect cultures, they represent a nuisance when comes the spring. Indeed pollens fly away in this period of the year causing numerous allergies and health issues. The pruning of cypress hedges allows to limit this phenomenon.



But as it is forbidden to burn the cuts of cypress, the latter often come to block waste reception centers often already saturated in vegetables.

The Duffez distillery gets back a part of these branches to give them the end of nobler life, by getting back their essential oil.

But before distilling branch, it is necessary to crush them to put them in the box of distillation:

The distillation box will then be brought in the distillery.

We proceed to the distillation using the steam to collect the essential oil of the branches of Cypress Provence.

The essential oil of cypress is generally used to limit the problems of the blood circulation, in particular relieve muscle pains.

It can be also a very good natural deodorant!

Finally she can be used to calm the cough.

We recommend you to see a thérapeuthe or a person approved to know all the domains of use of this essential oil before using it.


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