New production unit close to Montélimar

New production unit close to Montélimar


Duffez gets bigger, by opening a new installation in the daytime this summer in the city of Montboucher-sur-jabron close to Montélimar.


The project consisted in the implementation of a second unit of distillation to get closer to the fields of our farmers which are more and more located in the North of the area. We anted to limit the transport costs and impact on environment, and to allow new farmers to be able to develop their plantations.
Opening a second distillery in Montboucher-sur-Jabron will also develop the tourism by giving more attractivity to the  region.

This new Distillery will produce essential oils of lavender and lavender during the summer season. A  new and innovative system of distillation has been set up with an up to date production process allowing to increase the speed of distillation and to guarantee an optimal quality of our Essential Oil.

It will also lower the water consumption and impact on environment.

The Distillery Duffez thanks the European Union and FEADER organisation for the help they get from these organisations.



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