Meet your needs



From the production…

The two different technologies we use for distillation give us the opportunity to adapt ourself to your needs and quantities of trees and flowers farmers are producing.

…to the end user We can deliver from 40g to several tons of essential oils. Our company can meet the requirements of all end users, from the smallest one to the biggest cosmetic company or pharmaceutical laboratories.



The Duffez family has worked hard on her fields to cultivate and collect the best Lavender and Lavandin species quality.

The quality of essential oil and delivery service brought to our customers is a priority.

The respect for the quality of our essential oil is a strong axis of our daily activity.

Based on a historic heritage, our distillery was optimized over the years to obtain essential oils meeting the quality requirements the most demanding customers within the framework of the current cosmetic and pharmaceutical regulations.


Our perfect control of the production of the aromatic and medicinal plants offers you the guarantee to get the raw materials’ quality you need.

The use of stainless tanks for the transport gives you the guarantee of a product of an exceptional quality, by avoiding in particular any phenomenon of oxidation.

The storage of essential oil in independent stainless tanks, in a building answering the standards ICPE, allows to obtain the best preservation of our essential oils.



Our installation and our production of organic essential oil are certified by ECOCERT. Our essential oil of lavender and cypress meets the requirements of the REACH classification. We are audited every year and answer the very strong specifications.




We can adapt ourselves to all your needs, and can give you the warranty to get deliveries from the same batch during the whole season. Tous nos lots sont stockés séparément. Even if the essential oil production depends on the weather conditions, our great experience, historical know how and relationship we have created with lavender flowers producers give you the insurance to get the essential oil quantities and qualities you need. Building a strong relationship with you is for us the base of a long term partnership and customer satisfaction

Chromatographie d'huile essentielle de lavande


We can provide you all documents that you need  : data sheets, environmental date sheets, certificates…


Perfume designers and cosmetics laboratories

We work to developp the use of natural ingredients within the cosmetic industry. We decided years ago to developp the culture of organic fields of lavender and lavendin to be abble to meet the growing requirements of natural cosmetic producers and consumers. Our essential oils quality will particpate to the qulity of your range of products. We have all the analysis of all the batches of essential oils we produce. We can also send you all the technical datas sheets and documents you need. Our essential oils purpose nices smells well apreciated for decades by the perfume specialists, especially in Grasse

Pharmaceutical companies and laboratories

Pharmaceutical companies are more and more using essential oils within their product formulas. If essential oils were replaced by chemical ingredients in the past, natural ingredients become more and more popular. Natural ingredients are also very appreciated by the consumers. Using natural essential oils is an advantage to guarantee the success of a product range on the market. We can meet all the requirements of the pharamaceutical laboratories and become the partner of your success on the market by respecting all your requirements in term of quality and delivery timing.


The quality and properties of our essential oils make them particulary adapted for aromatherapy. You will get several benefits from the use of our lavandin, lavender, Provence Cyprus and other varieties of essential oils. Our large range of essential oils will give you the opportunity to find the right essential oil adapted to your needs. As an example the Provence Cyprus essential oil will be very adapted for blood circulation or excessive perspiration issues. Essential oils are as well a very good way to purify the air inside your house, give a good smell and perfume in your wardrobe, or move spiders clothes moths away. The aromatherapy is professionals’ affair even if certain essential oil can be used in a “domestic” frame with olfactive purpose by everybody. We misadvised from the people without qualification to use essential oil for any therapeutic use.