Distillation in Provence is an art !


The Distillerie Duffez is a french family company created in 1947. It is specialized in the distillation of Lavender, Provence Cyprus, Juniper etc…

We have built partnerships with local farmers to develop the lavender culture and harvest in the South of France, close to Provence.

Our family business is now the french leader for essential oil production. We can deliver high quality and large quantities of essential oil to perfumers, laboratories or essential oil wholesalers.


To obtain from some essential oil, we place the vegetable (flowers of lavender, hélichryse, laurel, branches of cypress or cade) in a vase or a truck of distillation.

We warm some water to obtain from the vapor that we send to the base of the vase or the box.

The vapor circulates through the vegetable and load itself in active ingredients and oil essential.

It escapes then by a long fine pipe in the shape of serpentine which soaks in a container of cold water.

The vapor so cooled condenses in droplets and arrives in the third tank called “essencier”.

Essential oil is lighter than the water, and surface.

We get back oil upstream and floral waters downstream.

This process is natural 100 %.

No solvent  or chemical product is used to extract our essential oils.

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