A strong heritage…

A strong heritage because everything began in 1947 ! 

Mr Raoul Duffez had the idea to create a lavender distillery.

Mr Duffez was not only fascinated by  chemistry and  mechanics but also very proud to live in Provence andand wanted to participate to its developpment.

During the winter 1947, Raoul Duffez decided to design his own distillery alone. He wanted to extract the wealth which brings the nature with plants, to spread benefactions and virtues of Essential Oil.

After several tries and transformations he made a success with the distillery he built in Drôme Provançale.

But it is over the years that he has developed his creation to  improve its performance in Essential Oil distillation.

Always more in love with the fragrance which freed the bluish flowers, he wanted to produce other essential oils varieties to complete the perfumes portofolio of his factory.

He decided then to begin the distillation of cypress Provence, cade, juniper, rosemary, thyme and many other plants. He also succeeded in offering a wide selection of Essential Oil with different olfactive and therapeutic properties.

The Raoul Duffez’s distillery was transmitted since that time from generation to generation and gets modernized over the years.

We  recently invested in a new boiler. More powerfull and less greedy in energy, it offers more precision in the distribution of the vapor in boxes to improve even more the quality of our essential oils.

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