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Thujanol Thyme Essential Oil

Thujanol Thyme Essential Oil | 100% Pure & Natural | Made In France



Fabrication Française

100 % made in France

Famille botanique

Labiées, Lamiacées


Thyme, flower


Drôme Provençale

Partie distillée



100 ml, 20 ml, 250 ml, 40 ml, 500 ml



Thujanol thyme is harvested and distilled every year in May.

This is one of the first distillations that marks the beginning of the season! The Thyme Thujanol that we distill grows on the sunny lands of the Drôme Provençale. The plant generally benefits from spring rains to bloom in May. It creates its essential oil under the sun rays bringing the first pre-summer heat.
We are trying to develop thyme crops as the demand for these essential oils is very high.

Like all essential oils of thyme, it is used as an anti-virus, anti-fungal and antiseptic, especially in the buco-dental and ENT sphere.

On l’utilise aussi dans des cas de grippe, angine et sinusites. L’huile essentielle de thym à thujanol est un incontournable. C’est un anti-infectieux puissant mais doux à utiliser.

But beware it is recommended before any use of this very powerful essential oil to consult a professional first. Indeed essential oils of thyme are to be handled with care, and their use must be framed by a prescription from a professional.

Our thyme fields are the ideal refuge for bees and other ladybugs. We have a partnership with a local beekeeper who comes to deposit his hives in our fields. This way he can offer in his range of honeys with exceptional flavors!