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Juniper Essential Oil Production

Juniper essential oil production

Poeple generaly think that a french distillery located in French Provence only works during summer…

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Production Of Provence  Cyprus Essential Oil

Production of Provence Cyprus essential oil

When winter comes... Provence Cypress distillation goes on !  Provence Cypress  essential oil is produced during…

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New Production Unit Close To Montélimar

New production unit close to Montélimar

New production unit close to Montélimar Duffez gets bigger, by opening a new installation in…

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2016 Lavender Season Is On !

2016 lavender season is on !

Every year the distillation of lavender season starts in July. In may, flowers have appeared…

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Winter, The Season For Provence Cyprus Distillation

Winter, the season for
Provence Cyprus distillation

The Distillerie Duffez is working during the whole year. The other distillery in Provence only…

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Essential Oil Helicrysum Italicum From Corsica

Essential Oil
Helicrysum Italicum from Corsica

Helichrysum Italicum from Corsica essential oil is a novelty !  Our team has worked during…

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Distillery Duffez

The Duffez distillery is a 50 years old family company located in the South of France in Provence.

Our family always respect our traditions and strong heritage to guarantee an optimal quality to our customers.

Our production of essential oils is based on the knowledge and the techniques developed throughout the working years within our distillery.

Our Shop

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A wide range of essential oil and floral waters to satisfy you!

Our Commitments

We produce a large part of French essential oil.

This culture is realized in the respect for the tradition and for the environment.

We improve the quality of our essential oils in order to satisfy our customers’ needs and to respect environment